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Let’s Assume majority of the folks here use the Default Stock Launcher that comes shipped with the stock ROM on their devices. But over time or due to some weird reasons, they are not very productive or attractive more. So, we’re here today to suggest you guys top two alternatives to your Stock Launcher who have some pretty decent developers behind them pushing regular Stable Updates and exciting new features over time. So, let’s begin.

1. OnePlus Launcher Fork by Paphonb

Just recently released build of the OnePlus Launcher Port by paphonb, brings some cool new look to your device with amazing features and yet more to come.

Major features of this launcher are:

• Home Screen Layouts

• Helpful QuickLaunch Sidebar

• Hidden Apps Dock upon swiping right in App Drawer

• Cool UI (check below screenies)

In all, great new deal.


Click Here

2. Lawnchair v2 by deletescape

Yet another amazing launcher out there is Lawnchair v2 by deletescape. It provides a ton of features that make it to the list of ideal daily launcher one can use in his smartphone.

Some Unique and Major features it provides are:

• 2 Row Dock

• Google “At A Glance” widget

• Lawnfeed, you need to manually enable it.

• Launcher Theming, Dark and AMOLED modes, Launcher-Accent Picker, etc.

• Gestures Support

• Backup Support

• and tons of other customisations.

Some screenies….


Click Here

That’s it for now folks, if you know about other cool launchers, feel free to mention them down in the comments below and do like and Share this as much as possible. It really motivates us.

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